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Having problems with your current marketing technology but don't have the time, resources, or just don't know where to start in finding the right platforms for your business?With the marketing technology landscape exploding to over 11,000 platforms, you're not alone.We use our industry experience to find you the right platforms specific for you, your team, budget, and capabilities... so you can grow your business.Our 2024 enrollment is full so not taking on any more clients, but happy to provide recommendations at no cost, see below

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The Martech Shepherd

We work with businesses from lean marketing teams at SMB's, to mid-market and enterprise organisations.With over 12 years expertise in marketing technology, we specialise in finding, evaluating, and implementing the right technology for your team.Our enrollment for our 2024 cohort has now closed and we are no longer taking on any new clients.However, we are always happy to provide recommendations on the marketing tech we think will suit your business best...at no cost.Simply email us and we will send over a short form to complete to help us send over the right recommendations.

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Customer Testimonials

Patrick W.

VP of Marketing

We were using a platform that we really liked, but couldn't justify the cost any more. Alex helped us find a platform with the same functionality but at half the cost. Saving us thousands in subscription fees.

John G.


Having outgrown our first platform, Mailchimp, we needed a platform that enabled us to segment our different audiences and automate our messaging. We didn't realize how many platforms were out there and we didn't know where to begin. Alex helped navigate that search and the new platform ticks a lot of our boxes

Peter A.

Marketing Manager

Our marketing platform was difficult to use, expensive and lacked support. Alex provided a recommendation based on that we are a small team so need something easy to use, offers support, but also fits in budget. We are now 6 months in with the new platform and loving it.

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